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As Gen. Trey Obering, former director of the Missile Defense Agency, points out in a new documentary, “33 Minutes,” the U.S. missile-defense program has long since proved that it can, in fact, “hit a bullet with a bullet.” As he puts it, recent tests show “we are now able to hit a spot on a bullet with a bullet.”

Missile defense is not just the last line of defense against a future North Korean or Iranian missile attack. It is the best line of defense. Diplomacy did nothing to stop the North Koreans from their latest test.

Despite U.N. Security Council resolutions, they tested anyway. You can be sure that if they ever decide to launch a missile against us or our allies, they will not be deterred by diplomacy, either.

Kim Holmes, a former assistant secretary of state, is the vice president at the Heritage Foundation ( and author of “Liberty’s Best Hope: American Leadership for the 21st Century” (2008).