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Is Janeane Garofalo lying about Rush Limbaugh? It sure seems that way.

Ms. Garofalo, the actress, liberal activist and failed radio host, went after Mr.Limbaugh, the number-one rated talk-radio host in the country, during a recent interview with the Village Voice. An exclusive interview with Mr. Limbaugh raises questions about the actress’ honesty.

Ms. Garofalo told the Voice that politics almost made her turn down her role on Fox’s hit television series “24”: “At first I passed on it because of the right-wing nature of a couple of the writers.”

Then she went on the attack: “When Rush Limbaugh visited the set, and when Lynne Cheney visited the set, I refused to have my picture taken with them or meet them or anything,” Ms. Garofalo told the Voice.

That made Radio Equalizer’s blogger Brian Maloney curious. He emailed Mr. Limbaugh, who responded with a devastating fact. “The last time I visited the set of “24,” [Ms.] Garofalo had not been hired to appear in the series. She was not there, she was not a member of the cast the last time I visited. I wouldn’t have wanted to meet her anyway.

“The last time I visited the set, Kim Raver was still in the cast and CTU was the primary ‘location’ of the show. This current season, seven, has been in the can since last summer or fall and I have been nowhere near the “24” set for any shoots for this season, which is this lunatic’s [Ms. Garofalo’s] first season,” Limbaugh added.

Mr. Maloney shared his emails with Mr. Limbaugh with The Washington Times on an exclusive basis. You can read his full account here.

Ms. Garofalo could not be reached for comment, so we have no idea whether or not she owns a time machine. That would be the only way she could travel back to last year, when Mr. Limbaugh last visited the set of “24.” We also have no word whether, a year before she was hired, Ms. Garofalo had to studio passes to the set where “24” is taped.

Still, we would like to hear her side of the story. Any one with amazing powers to bend time could finally tell us what happened to the dinosaurs, who killed JFK and where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.

Kerry Picket is an online producer for The Washington Times’ editorial page.



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