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After the second bombing, in which the pipe bomb was loaded with nails, authorities received a claim of responsibility from the previously unknown Revolutionary Cells-Animal Liberation Brigade.

“We gave all of the customers the chance, the choice, to withdraw their business from HLS,” according to an anonymous communique released after the attack. “Now you will all reap what you have sown. All customers and their families are considered legitimate targets.”

A federal arrest warrant was issued for San Diego in October 2003 that charged him with using explosives to maliciously damage and destroy buildings and other property. A grand jury indicted him on those charges in 2004.

He has remained a fugitive since then.

“The FBI has worked extensively with local, state, foreign law enforcement agencies, including authorities in Germany, United Kingdom, Costa Rica, France, Spain, Denmark, Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Argentina, the Philippines and Chile,” Mr. Heimbach said. “San Diego is reported to have ties to the San Francisco, California and Germany. He may be living outside, possibly in Costa Rica.”

According to the FBI, San Diego is a strict vegan, meaning he eats no meat or food containing animal products. He is also known to carry a 9 mm handgun.

San Diego also has distinctive tattoos, according to the FBI.

On his chest, the words “It Only Takes a Spark” are tattooed below an image of burning hillsides and plains. Along his waistline, according to the FBI, is a tattooed a series of collapsing and burning buldings that ends with a single, leafless tree.

The case has been featured five times on the television program “America’s Most Wanted.”

According to the program, San Diego became involved with animal rights radicals in the late 1980s. He wore a jacket at one time printed with the phrase, “Vegan Death Crew.”

• Audrey Hudson contributed to this report