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“We do need to put points on the board,” Portis said. “We found a rhythm last week offensively; we just have to continue to improve.”

The Redskins’ first-team offense found success on last week’s opening drive against Pittsburgh… until they got to the 3-yard line. The Redskins were stuffed on consecutive runs and settled for a field goal.

For Zorn, that sequence has been pounded home the entire week as he described the effort it takes to drive down the field against an elite defense only to limp off the field with three points instead of seven.

“I want to see a sustained drive, and I want to see us push it in when we get to the 3-yard line,” Zorn said. “I want to see us not getting down when something bad happens, being able to come back out, concentrate, make the adjustments, stay together, work hard and literally fight and scrap for everything we can.”

Although Campbell’s performance has been less than stellar, the quarterback remains rightly upbeat.

“I’ve been in games where I was [throwing well], so 1-for-7 is something I’m not concerned about,” he said. “We haven’t played a whole lot, but we do want to find ourselves in the end zone.”