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That was evident in last fall’s JV games, when Robinson demonstrated he could salvage something from a bad play but moments later secure little in a favorable situation.

“He can scramble; he can run the ball. He has an evadability,” Friedgen said. “He makes some plays in practice that keep a dead play alive and then makes a play. Then he’ll do something where he’ll just throw it into coverage. Once he gets that corrected, then you’re going to see a guy who’s going to be a pretty good quarterback.”

Friedgen is determined to find playing time for Robinson, preferably at the end of lopsided victories. But with Turner departing after the season, the Terps would like to enter 2010 with a quarterback who has taken real snaps.

“I’ve been thinking about that and waiting for that chance since I got here,” Robinson said. “Hopefully it comes sooner than later now. I’m closer now than I was a long time ago.”

A game setting probably would help Robinson, who was on the punt-block team for one game last year, iron out some of his inconsistencies. He’s optimistic no nerves will surface when that time comes.

And make no mistake: The time is coming soon.

“Franklin’s told me I’m going to play,” Robinson said. “He hasn’t said when or how often. But they said I’m going to play. That’s a confidence booster. I’m just working harder now to maximize that [chance to] play when I get it.”