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It’s a stretch to put Acta in the same company as the manager of the World Series champions. And yet, plenty of insiders believe Acta can win on that level someday, even if his stoic approach didn’t work on Nationals teams filled with unproven players and questionable characters.

Acta is reluctant to delve into his time in the District, other than to reiterate he wouldn’t have changed the way he managed the Nationals. And maybe he’ll run into the same problems in Cleveland.

But in true Acta form, he keeps a sunny outlook on his future, believing his struggles with Washington will not conflict with his reputation - and they’ll even help it grow.

“I wasn’t the first or the last one that was going to go through a rebuilding process, and it’s tough. It’s grueling. It’s painful at times,” Acta said. “Going to the Indians, to the Astros, or wherever else I might go in the future - hopefully nowhere else - I already have that on my resume. Not everybody looks at wins and losses.”