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About six weeks ago, Alzner contacted Washington’s team services manager, Ian Anderson, about securing four tickets for Friday’s game. He wanted his mother, father, sister and her boyfriend to be able to see the Caps play - and maybe him as well if things broke right.

Vancouver is a tough ticket because the Canucks draw well and the Caps’ roster is full of Western Canadians. Anderson told Alzner this week that, had he not made the early request, there would have been no tickets available when he was recalled.

“Everyone is trying really hard [to get tickets] and going crazy,” Alzner said. “My one buddy said his mom bought him two or three tickets a couple of months ago, so he’s laughing at everyone now.”

Alzner’s exuberance could have been tempered when he found out he arrived just in time for the team’s annual rookie dinner. A relatively recent tradition in the NHL (there were no such dinners when Boudreau played), it is an expensive night of dining and bonding - and Alzner will be one of the guys splitting the tab.

“It is a great trip to have it on,” he said. “A rookie dinner in my hometown? I don’t think many people get to experience that or have that chance. … It will be fun, and it is going to be expensive, but it is worth it because you only do one and then you get free meals for however long you can stick around.”

Note - Defensemen Mike Green and Shaone Morrisonn practiced Wednesday after leaving Tuesday’s game with injuries.