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The mountain regions of Virginia and North Carolina are expected to get a mix of snow and ice.

Virginia Gov. TIm Kaine on Friday declared a state of emergency.

“The snowfall amounts along with strong winds could cause serious problems, including power outages throughout much of Virginia,” he said in a statement. “Virginians need to pay attention to their local weather forecasters, avoid travel and prepare to be on their own for up to 72 hours.” D.C.’s Department of Transportation said crews began treating roads with brine late Thursday — hitting elevated roadways, bridges and hilly streets before moving to major arteries.

Agency spokesman John Lisle said the city has budgeted $6.2 million for snow removal this year but such a big storm “can eat up a lot of your budget.”

The impending storm sent East Coast residents to stores, which quickly sold out of such staples as bread and milk. By mid-afternoon, local goverments began announcing closings.

The University of Maryland College Park canceled commencement ceremonies scheduled for Saturday and will reschedule exams.