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Cumbersome as the system is, it has worked.

Zorn clearly is frustrated that credit for the improved performance is given to the new playcalling system.

He goes out of his way to point out that he still designs the game plan, and he uses the term “game-planning,” not “playcalling,” to describe the improvement.

And he maintains the improvement is because of better execution of his system by the players.

Now the guy who forced this system on Zorn is gone.

So will Zorn become more involved in the playcalling - his passion - or continue to be a sideline observer and hope to reap the rewards of a system designed to freeze him out?

When asked Thursday if he had plans to change the system, Zorn answered that he will “probably keep things the way they are.”

We’ll see.

I somehow doubt Jim Zorn will “comply” now that he is a free man.