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The two men and Mr. Magliocchetti lived on Amelia Island in northeastern Florida. The three hoped to open a restaurant there with the lobbyist’s second wife, Rebecca Kingery.

Neither man made political donations before he started giving to Mr. Magliocchetti’s candidates in 2005, federal campaign records show. In addition, both are registered Republicans, yet each gave more than $66,000, or 82 percent of their donations, to Democrats - those supported by Mr. Magliocchetti and PMA.

Despite their Republican registrations, the two men each donated less than $14,000 to Republicans.

The source of Mr. Pugliese’s and Mr. Walker’s campaign cash is unclear. Mr. Walker works as the marketing director at the Amelia Island Golf Club and Mr. Pugliese was listed as a wine sommelier at the Ritz-Carlton on the island. Both lived in single-family homes they each purchased for about $138,000 a few years earlier.

In addition, both Mr. Pugliese and Mr. Walker have a history of borrowing against their homes for extra cash, even during the times they were donating to Mr. Magliocchetti’s candidates. according to Nassau County, Fla., land records.

Mr. Magliocchetti put the two on the PMA board even though they were not lobbyists and were based in Florida. They were first listed in an annual report he submitted in Virginia in December 2006. His first wife, Nancy, also not a lobbyist, was a board member in 2003 and was paid $42,000 a year, according to her filings in divorce court.

Such directors’ fees would appear to be excessive for a small non-publicly traded company, raising questions on whether the director payments were to be used to make campaign donations in violation of federal campaign law. Other non-lobbyist board members have included his daughter, Jennifer Magliocchetti, and Rebecca Kingery, who became his second wife. Both were major donors.

Mr. Walker declined to comment about his campaign donations and PMA. Numerous calls to Mr. Pugliese’s home went unanswered. His wife said she did not know how to reach him.

The planned restaurant apparently never got off the ground. The state of Florida dissolved the restaurant company, Firenze Partners LLC, in September for not submitting its annual report.

The children

Jennifer Magliocchetti, 32, an assistant ticket director with a Florida minor league baseball team, has given $66,200 to federal candidates since 2002, records show. She was listed as a PMA director from 1998 to 2006 and her personal finances are closely tied to her father through real estate investments.

Records show she bought a home in Wesley Chapel, Fla., for $390,000 with her father in 2007 at the same time she bought a second home in Tampa. They have a $312,000 mortgage on the Wesley Chapel home. Mr. Magliocchetti also was on the $167,196 mortgage on a third property she owned in Tampa from May 2004 to January 2006.

Jennifer, her brother Mark and Mr. Magliocchetti also owned a condo in St. Augustine, Fla., which they bought in December 2001 for $669,500 and sold in November 2003 for $850,000. She also was part of the family company, LaFamiglia, with her father, brother and mother, which owned a Jacksonville Beach condo in addition to the Kregers’ house, records show.

Miss Magliocchetti did not respond to phone messages and e-mail requests seeking comment.

Mark Magliocchetti, 34, a lobbyist for PMA, and his wife, Leslie, gave $475,794 to federal candidates and committees. Mark Magliocchetti’s biography says he worked for a member of the House Appropriations Committee when he got out of college. He was named to the PMA board in 1998 and became a lobbyist for the firm in 2002.

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