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Mark and Leslie Magliocchetti’s finances also are heavily tied with Mr. Magliocchetti, records show. Since September 2003, the couple has lived in the Fairfax Station, Va., house that Paul and Nancy Magliocchetti owned, only recently acquiring the title. They sold a house they owned on Amelia Island in November 2008 for $490,000 after having borrowed more than $140,000 against the equity.

Mark Magliocchetti hung up after telling The Times he did not want to talk about his campaign contributions or the lobbying business. “I would rather not talk to you,” he said.

Nancy’s sister

Nancy Magliocchetti’s sister, Sandra Welch, and her husband, Joseph, gave $229,000 to federal candidates since 1998, records show. Mrs. Welch, a former teacher, was listed as a PMA lobbyist from 1998 to 2006, and her husband was a Fairfax County Police officer from 1983 until September 2006.

The couple currently live near Nancy Magliocchetti in Port Orange, Fla., in a house for which they paid $197,470 in 2002. Records show they gave $112,000 to Mr. Magliocchetti’s candidates after Nancy Magliocchetti filed for divorce in January 2004.

Their contributions stopped around the time the Magliocchettis’ divorce was finalized in September 2006 and Mrs. Welch left PMA.

Mrs. Welch also declined to discuss her campaign contributions and PMA.

“I have no comment. Thank you,” she said.

The wives

Nancy Magliocchetti, the first wife, was listed as giving $183,896 to federal candidates and committees, including $16,000 in the period shortly after she filed for divorce in January 2004. Her contributions stopped in May 2004.

In 2003, records show she was paid $42,000 as a PMA director and made $36,000 in donations to federal candidates. She was dropped as a board member in 2004.

Mrs. Magliocchetti declined to comment on her campaign donations. Campaign experts said spouses are allowed to use joint funds to make their personal donations.

Rebecca Kingery DeRosa, who recently became Mr. Magliocchetti’s second wife, has donated $189,155 to federal candidates since 2002. More than half of the donations were made after PMA began listing her address on corporate records as Mr. Magliocchetti’s Arlington condominium in 2005. Some of the donations are in the name of Rebecca Kingery and others in the name of Rebecca or Becky DeRosa, records show.

She was listed as a director of PMA beginning in 2002, but she was not listed as a lobbyist. She was sometimes described as PMA’s controller on campaign records.


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