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Lobbying clearly paid off for Mr. Magliocchetti, according to public records. He took a $1 million PMA salary, lived in a $2 million Florida home, and bought several other Florida condos. He also had a $975,000 condo in Arlington and a home in Fairfax County in Virginia.

In their divorce, Nancy Magliocchetti said the contents of their wine cellar was worth $350,000, although Mr. Magliocchetti put the value at $73,968. The divorce settlement spells out that Mr. Magliocchetti would have “sole ownership of all wine” in their Virginia home “free and clear of any claim by the wife”

Despite all his campaign donations, Mr. Magliocchetti voted only once in the last eight years - the November 2008 general election, according to records in Nassau County, where he has been registered to vote since late 2000.