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As for music lovers, they will gain new insights into Stravinsky’s tortuous personal life that informed his compositions.

In the book, Chanel finances his revival of “The Rite of Spring,” his magnum opus known to popular audiences not least because of its inclusion in the animated Disney hit “Fantasia.”

The novel leads the reader to believe that they are each other’s muses, despite not ending up together.

“Don’t think I regret it. Any of it,” he tells her.

Mr. Greenhalgh relied heavily on biographies of Chanel and Stravinsky to sew together his fictionalized account of their affair.

At the back of the book, he provides a useful chronology of events that the history buff will appreciate, including the fact that Karl Lagerfeld used “The Rite of Spring” as background music for his 1989 Chanel fashion show.

Stephanie Green is a reporter and columnist for The Washington Times.