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You could make the case that Sunday was the best performance by the Redskins all season. It was the first time they scored 30 points since Zorn got here, and they held the most powerful offense in the league under its average, even if the Saints did score 33 points. But it was a loss just like the eight others this season and the 17 overall under Zorn over the past two years.

“This game I felt like our team had played really well,” Zorn said. “We had some great coverages, kicks and defensive stands. We put points on the board and had over 300 passing yards. We really connected on a lot of things, but they did as well. They took it to us like we took it to them, and it was a great game. It just feels awful to stand up here and be the losing head coach again.”

At least he didn’t say they are close, because they are not. The only validation to be had Sunday is that the Redskins are a losing team and remain a losing organization despite Zorn’s denial at the end of his press conference Sunday that his team is in the habit of losing.

“No, each game is unique,” he said. “There’s no psycho stuff going on here, no habit.”

Just another loss.

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