- The Washington Times - Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nice of the NHL to squeeze Alex Ovechkin, the best player in hockey, into the All-Star Game. Guess the league thinks the Capitals’ 64-29-10 record since November 2007 is some kind of typographical error.


The starting lineups break down like this: four Canadiens, two Penguins, three Blackhawks and three Ducks.

The fans haven’t just spoken, they’ve quacked.


Their goal next year, I hear, is to elect a couple of Cleveland Barons and at least one California Golden Seal.


It’s pretty clear now why the Caps didn’t match Chicago’s offer to Cristobal Huet. The guy can’t play outdoors.


Can you believe John Smoltz is leaving the Braves after 21 seasons to play for the Red Sox?

It’s as if, years ago, Hume Cronyn decided to dump Jessica Tandy.

(All those decades together - and suddenly there are irreconcilable differences?)


Just wondering: Has anybody ever spent that long with a team and then left voluntarily as a free agent?

Some quick research shows Hank Aaron left the Braves after 21 seasons, but he was traded to the Brewers so he could finish his career whence it began, in Milwaukee.

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