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On the course, Woods and Romo mostly talked to each other, chatting about whatever two young men with money, muscles and a blond starlet on their arms chat about. Playing from the front tees and dutifully reading putts between drags on a cigarette, Boehner interacted with the two athletes only sparingly, mostly walking with his caddie while Woods and Romo walked together. There wasn’t much doubt about which of the three high-profile players had the most work to do, and Boehner made up for his sometimes-awkward scoop swing by thinking his way around the course.

He did hit a number of solid iron shots to set up his left-handed putting stroke, though the congressman drives right-handed.

But the unorthodox approach did yield one of the most impressive moments of the morning, when Boehner drained a 35-foot birdie putt on the eighth hole.

He also signed autographs and shook hands with fans before playing the fifth hole, saying, “I’ve got some time to do that stuff.”

Amid the laid-back nature of the round, Woods never lost sight of an opportunity to get some work in. When the foursome was backed up before the par-3 second hole, Woods hit extra putts from the No. 1 green, studying speed and break before chipping a few balls from the left rough to a tee that caddie Steve Williams had placed on the green.

In those moments - with Woods the dogged competitor and Romo unsure how to kill time while his partner practiced - it became most apparent the Cowboys quarterback was a little out of his element, as it did when he responded to coaxing from fans on the par-5 ninth and tried to hit the green in two, only to skim a fairway metal off a hill and into the left rough.

He spent a few minutes on the driving range talking to Campbell (who wondered whether all the Cowboys fans were flown in), and afterward the Redskins quarterback praised Romo’s game enough to nip any controversy in the bud.

“People made a big deal out of that, but I was one of only three people who play sports to be invited to play,” Campbell said.

And even when he was booed after his round during the opening ceremonies, Romo pumped both arms above his head.

“It was a good reception out here. There’s a lot more Cowboy fans than I thought,” Romo said. “Even the Washington fans, it’s all in good fun.”