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“He’s an outstanding athlete who is not afraid to work,” Grunfeld said of McGee. “He’s still learning the game. It’s up to him.”

Big guys inevitably require more development patience than perimeter players.

That is what is dictating Grunfeld’s thinking with Blatche, the up-and-down forward who is having a quiet offseason, legally speaking.

Grunfeld was equally patient with Haywood, which turned out to be the best trade he never made.

The thought of putting both Haywood and McGee on the floor together is at odds with an NBA that finds itself with more multiskilled players in the frontcourt.

One of the least appreciated developments of the NBA playoffs was the emergence of Hedo Turkoglu, the point forward who was the overlooked MVP of the Magic.

That will become apparent soon enough after the Magic essentially replaced Turkoglu with Vince Carter, who too often launches shots without thought to team chemistry and offensive flow.

The Wizards are not seen as a threat to the Cavaliers, Celtics and Magic at the moment, although the addition of Rasheed Wallace in Boston and Carter in Orlando could prove to be toxic.

The Wizards figure to have a deep team with a potential second unit of McGee, Blatche, Miller, Crittenton and Nick Young.

That is an agreeable prospect for a team that has been decimated by injuries the last two seasons.