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And winning - now, even as modestly as a top-eight ACC finish - is a priority.

“[Pitcher] Scott Swinson doesn’t want to hear about a three-year plan,” Bakich said. “The seniors don’t want to hear about a four-year plan or an extended-term plan. It’s the ACC tournament. I don’t want any senior on this team right now leaving Maryland without having experienced the ACC tournament and a chance to play in the postseason.”

There’s plenty required to make it happen. And so Bakich returns to the road for a few more days, on the prowl in his beloved chase for talent and building something remarkable in a place where progress is a rare commodity.

“His will to succeed is so great, he doesn’t take no for an answer,” Corbin said. “I say that with respect. There’s nothing in his mind that’s not doable. To get a program changed around like that, which might not have the resources, he needs to dig. He’s going to dig. He is the right guy for that particular job. He’s not going to be fazed by things that happen to him.”