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Enough said. G2 hopes the newswomen don’t quit their day jobs, but Fox News anchor Bret Baier graciously offered congratulations to his network competitors, tongue firmly in cheek: “To be fair and balanced, let’s all give them a hand.”

Transitioning from country to disco, Team Fox (featuring Mr. Baier, Major Garrett, Megyn Kelly, Molly Henneberg and James Rosen) sang Barry Manilow’s hit “Copacabana.”

It should be noted that before they took to the stage, Mr. Baier and Mr. Garrett enjoyed a stiff drink to fortify themselves.

We asked Mr. Garrett whether he did much of this sort of thing in college. “I never drank or went to karaoke bars in college,” he said with a wink.

Toward the end of the Team Fox disco routine, the music abruptly stopped, prompting Mr. Rosen to say, “Keith Olbermann did it,” referring to the MSNBC host famous for his jabs at the network.

Emcee Rebecca Cooper of ABC 7, in an attempt stir the pot, quipped, “That was great, but the CNN team says they did that one three years ago.”

To which Mr. Rosen responded, “Yeah, and we’re sure both people watching it really enjoyed it.”

As for Ms. Kelly, she gamely pranced around onstage and glad-handed with the best of them despite being gloriously round, as she is expecting her first child in October. Mr. Baier and Mr. Garrett told us they are suggesting Bret, Major and Garrett as great ideas for boys’ names.

“People keep giving me these books on what to expect when you’re expecting, but I really want advice on how to raise a child after it’s born,” Ms. Kelly said.

Umbrellas in hand, Pamela Brown and company from ABC News Channel 8 belted out “It’s Raining Men,” but NBC’s Norah O’Donnell and Andrea Mitchell must have taken a rain check, because they never showed.

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