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McCain believes Iran election was rigged

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Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, tackled some tough yet timely topics on The Washington Times' American Morning News Tuesday. Turmoil among voters in Iran, who have taken to the streets at their peril and in protest of alleged election rigging, had the senator issuing strong condemnations and a recommendation for the Obama administration. Mr. McCain said he believes Iran's presidential election was rigged and that the U.S. should do "whatever is necessary" to halt their nuclear weapons.

"Look these people are bad people and I know that it was unpopular to call them part of an axis of evil or whatever it was, but we just showed again that an oppressive regime will not allow democratic elections, free and democratic elections," Mr. McCain insisted.

In a wide-ranging interview, he also told the show's anchors that television host David Letterman shouldn't be fired from his late-night post but that political kids should be off limits. Mr. McCain was referring to an arguably tasteless joke Mr. Letterman told about his former running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Recalling his own personal experiences, Mr. McCain said: Over time, the effect could be discouraging people from running for public office.

Mr. McCain also warned of the political "consequences" President Barack Obama faces over his single-payer health care plan. The senator put his own cost estimates at about $4 trillion before it's all said and done. Without a "way to pay for it," he said, his congressional colleagues remain skeptical.

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