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But Zorn didn’t endorse Jansen as the 2009 starter earlier this offseason, and when he concluded Jansen’s feet would never make him a serviceable pass protector, the veteran was cut.

The timing of the decision is interesting. Why couldn’t the Redskins have made this call before the draft and then selected a tackle in the first (although it would have been hard to pass up Brian Orakpo) or third round?

Zorn doesn’t regret waiting until after minicamp and the first set of OTAs to cut Jansen.

“Not really, because I didn’t know [about Jansen’s effectiveness],” Zorn said. “After the season I wasn’t sure. One of the reasons we made the change when we did, he was having a hard time with his ankle. We tried to help him work through it. He was bound and determined to be different. That’s the bottom line. I didn’t see the difference I was looking for.”

The best-case scenario at right tackle is Heyer taking a stranglehold on the job and not giving Bridges (39 career starts, including 18 at right tackle) and Williams (380 pounds and hasn’t played since 2005) an opening or Zorn reason to hatch a Plan B.

“It narrows down the competition a little bit, but it’s still a competition nonetheless,” Heyer said. “Nothing is guaranteed, and I’m not awarded anything until I start that first game of the season.”

What is a guarantee: All but Rabach should be monitored during the preseason before predicting Clinton Portis’ yardage total or Campbell’s touchdown tally.