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Mrs. Nef says, “Weave appealed to me because their idea was to help homeless women with the kind of help they need, and D.C. is a terrible place to be homeless. I empathize with needy women, especially abused women, who are torn in so many ways and don’t have the training and backbone to leave [their abusive situations].”

What’s next for this woman, who will turn 96 next month? She still maintains a busy social calendar.

“When you’re 65, the days go by so fast,” Mrs. Nef says jokingly and then raises her shoulder and eyebrow in a flirty gesture, as if posing for a fashion photographer.

“I can look back and be pleased with what I made of myself. There is always something opening up, some need, or some person in need of help.”

Indeed, the final sentence of her autobiography reads, “I am content.”