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“What the future holds, nobody can predict.” 1st Lt. Adam Redden, the reconnaissance platoon commander said. “[The Iraqis] definitely won’t be proficient in everything, but they’re getting better. As for us, we go where we’re told to go and when we’re told to go.”

Sgt. Karl Augustus, on his third tour in Iraq, said that for him that will probably be Afghanistan, where Mr. Obama plans to deploy more forces.

The withdrawal plan “gets us out of here, and I’m just ready for whatever,” he said. “I’m expecting Afghanistan next. I think they are ready to handle everything. I think the [Iraqi army] and [Iraqi police] can do it.”

Added an Iraqi soldier: “It looks like everything is going to be stable. So maybe it will be good [when the U.S. troops leave] … or maybe it will go bad.”

“Inshallah, we will” keep it stable, he said.