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“Counternarcotics successes in Colombia have forced traffickers to shift routes through neighboring Venezuela,” says the State Department, which accuses key units of Venezuela’s security services, including the Special Anti-Narcotics Units of the National Guard and the Federal Investigative Police, of being complicit in the drug trade.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro has said that the report is “plagued with lies,” claiming that drug seizures and arrests have increased in Venezuela during the past year.

U.S. officials say that Venezuela does not invite U.S. or European government representatives to review results of interdiction efforts and that seizures are mainly limited to low-level actors.

Several fugitives sought by U.S. anti-drug agencies were arrested in Venezuela last year. They include Luis Ramon Guerra, associated with Colombia’s North Valley cartel, as well as Hermagoras Gonzalez.

Mr. Guerra was deported from Venezuelan to the United States, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, but extradition requests for Mr. Gonzalez have been refused.