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If so, the question is: Do the feds have enough of a taste for blood to dig up the Palmeiro case again?

They are stuck in a messy battle with Barry Bonds over allegations of perjury before a grand jury, and they are assembling a case charging Clemens with lying to Congress.

Do they want to put another high-profile athlete on trial?

The strategy in the battle against illegal performance-enhancing substances has shifted in the last few years away from just trying to catch abusers through testing.

Now the goal is to create a campaign of fear by aggressively pursuing any name that surfaces in a steroid probe.

The new strategy has been the far more effective of the two - athletes have seen the damage done to those who faced criminal charges and to those whose names surfaced in a court document or the Mitchell Report.

Unless that strategy has changed, Miguel Tejada’s service to the community may involve more than just talking to kids about the evils of steroids.