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Q: How is Jim Zorn different in his second year as coach?

A: The switch from overseer Joe Gibbs to the manic Zorn was jarring. But now that his assistants and veteran players are comfortable in his scheme, Zorn isn’t nearly as excitable. Not that he has lost his engaging personality. The coach kidded a reporter talking to Colt Brennan that the reserve quarterback is lying when he cocks his head.

Q: After forecasting 8-8 season last month, what do you think now?

A: Minicamp is too soon to get a handle on a team, especially because of the lack of contact. And the offense was without two of its key pieces, Samuels and receiver Santana Moss. The already formidable defense should be better with Haynesworth, Orakpo, Hall for an entire season and a healthy Phillip Daniels. Replacing Pete Kendall with Derrick Dockery on an aging line is basically a wash. Four months from the opener, it sure looks like the 2009 Redskins will have to win with defense.