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APL’s parent, Neptune Orient Lines, is the largest shipping and logistics company listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. Its majority shareholder is the Singapore government.

APL also was accused of billing in excess of the contractual rate to maintain the operation of refrigerated containers in Karachi and at U.S. military bases in Afghanistan. In addition, it billed for various non-reimbursable services performed by an APL subcontractor at a Kuwaiti port, according to the Justice Department.

“In achieving a settlement in any case where a company or an agency has defrauded the U.S. government we can only hope it serves as a deterrent for any other companies in the future,” Mr. Miller said.

Mr. Miller said he could not comment on Homeland Security’s decision to appoint Mr. Agron to the maritime committee.

The maritime committee has 21 positions “filled by people drawn from a broad range of maritime interests, including container ship operators, passenger ship operators, port facility reps, ferry reps” and others to ensure interests are balanced, Ms. Novak said.