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The lottery makes no pretense of the luck element. The draft tries to pretend otherwise, although who really can quantify what lurks inside a person on short notice?

Desire is a hard quality to measure, no matter the predraft workouts, interviews and research. College coaches have a reason to pump up the NBA-bound. Their former players in the NBA become part of the recruiting sell.

No sleuthing is necessary with Griffin. His star-filled future, barring injury, is apparent.

That is what made the 17.8 percent chance of the Wizards both excruciating and tantalizing. It was weighted just enough in their favor to make it possible. Not that it helped. They could draft no lower than No. 5 going into the lottery, and so No. 5 it was.

Now it is back to the reality of Grunfeld determining whether the Wizards are half-empty or half-full. They have plenty of likeable pieces and a compelling trio that is shy a solid left knee.

The logo of the Wizards could be remade in the image of Gilbert Arenas’ left knee.

No catchy slogans. Just the silhouette of his left knee.

With the lottery complete, the team’s welfare is all based on the condition of one limb.