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Patrick Moore, who helped found the organization Greenpeace, is guilty of apostasy similar to Mr. Brand’s. Mr. Moore suggested that forestry could be a sustainable practice (lumber companies need new supplies of trees to grow, after all) and that green efforts to ban chemicals such as chlorine amounted to dangerous, anti-scientific political activism. Perhaps worst of all, Mr. Moore had a conversion about nuclear power. For this, he has been branded an “eco-Judas” and a heretic and has been ostracized from the environmental movement.

Mr. Moore is an honest broker. His experience at the hands of former colleagues not only has been shameful, but has justified many of his criticisms of the environmental movement. Mr. Brand, too, is an honest broker. For the sake of the environment as well as our politics, let’s hope the greens don’t treat him as they did Mr. Moore. Mr. Brand is an elder to whom they would be wise to listen.

Max Schulz is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute.