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“Shane’s a good player. How good he can be, he’s got three years to go,” Patsos said. “But if he had patience, he could have played for Gary because he’s a long, running, pressing player, but he was not ready to play. I’m lucky that he was young and made a mistake leaving Maryland. I’m just saying he’s a good player and he’s got all the tools.”

It’s just a matter of piecing them together. Walker, who believes he can provide scoring and passing as well as rebounding and shot-swatting, is eager to prove he didn’t disappear in the 19 months since he departed the Terps.

“I like people not knowing where I’m at,” Walker said. “I’m just going to come out and surprise a lot of people, and Loyola is going to surprise a lot of people by how well we do this year. We didn’t really have a good year last year, but I promise you there’s going to be some good stuff happening this year.”