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Dixon, who faces a constant battle to keep his weight under control, is thrilled to be on a roster, especially on a team that might be playoff-bound.

“I had made a lot of good friends on the Redskins, and I was looking forward to being on the practice squad,” Dixon said.

“Griff and the guys helped me out so much with my hands and my footwork. But my agent told me that he thought some [other] teams were interested in me, and then the Eagles called. I was really nervous the first game because I didn’t know I was going to play, but I’ve been fine since then. Looking back at some of the things I had to go through, I’m very proud to be where I am. I just had to fight. I’m still fighting.”

Dixon’s success makes Griffin beam like a proud papa.

“Dix is a great guy who’s been through a lot,” Griffin said. “He works hard and he’s coachable. There are guys on the street who wish they had the opportunity he had. I didn’t want him to let that opportunity be wasted, and he’s making the most of it.”