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Washington’s young stars often move as much as the puck. There are areas in which they are likely to be - Ovechkin on the left point, Mike Green on the right point, Laich or Knuble near the crease, Backstrom at the half-wall - but Semin was at opposite corners of the zone when Laich’s goals went in.

“They’ve got latitude on what they can do, as long as it is in the confines of what we’re trying to accomplish,” Boudreau said. “It doesn’t mean that it is all set in stone and Player A has to go here and Player B there. Every play they do has three or four options, so it looks different because they can pick different options all the time.”

Added Green: “It is a lot of movement, and I know from playing on the PK it is more difficult when guys are moving around. It is hard to stay in position, and that’s what creates open shots.”