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“Him coming back here has completely turned around the whole city,” Tormey said. “Everybody is talking about them. When was the last time that happened? Nobody used to beyond, ‘Oh, they’re the worst team in Division I-A.’ Now, they’re getting mentioned, and Greg’s on [ESPN’s ‘Pardon the Interruption’] and Jim Rome and all these other things. It’s not only about Greg, but also about Syracuse University.”

Tormey, who said he plans to attend Syracuse’s game next week at Penn State, believes Paulus’ personality, enthusiasm and work ethic have always made him a guy people gravitate toward. He saw it at Christian Brothers, and similar tales have emerged from Duke and Syracuse.

Beyond a revived buzz for the Orange, Paulus’ decision to bring those skills to Syracuse might prove the greatest contribution of his belated college football career.

“People on the outside will be only maybe able to judge Greg on a standpoint of skill on the football field,” coach Doug Marrone said. “They’ll never understand the impact he’s already had and will continue to have on our football team.”