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From LaDonna Hale Curzon, producer and co-host of the online broadcast “Sarah Palin Radio”:

“A trucker on his way from Ohio to D.C. for the Tea Party March in Washington on Saturday. He reports at least 44 buses on the way with over 2,000 people, from just Ohio,” she tells Beltway.


Ground Zero in Manhattan remains an empty lot as politicians and developers dither over its destiny. The proposed “Freedom Tower” won’t be ready until 2018, apparently - keep in mind that the Empire State Building took 14 months to build.

The Twin Towers Alliance has some advice: Build an identical set of World Trade Center towers, exactly as they were - and thus restore the “nation’s skyline.” The group has viable plans to build with existing funds, based on concepts from the late Herbert Belton, one of the original architects.

” ‘Twin Towers II’ was not created to oppose a design, but to uphold a uniquely American icon and the premier symbol of world peace through trade. Our project was never an act of protest, but an effort to promote healing. I have always thought of it as the inevitable result of a widespread national and, in fact, international longing to resurrect the Twin Towers,” structural engineer Ken Gardner tells Beltway.

“What has been most inspiring about this effort is how it unites people who don’t agree about much else. People frequently say that they don’t know anyone who doesn’t agree on the need for new Twin Towers,” says Margaret Donovan, co-director of group.


• 2 percent of Americans say we should provide military aid to Iran if it was attacked.

• 13 percent said we should help China, Iran or North Korea defend themselves.

• 15 percent would help Russia, 59 percent would help Israel.

c 73 percent would help Britain, 78 percent would help Canada.

Source: A Rasmussen Reports survey of 1,000 adults conducted Sept. 3-4.

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