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One oft-repeated criticism of the president’s aggressive approach has been that he is overdoing it, that he risks becoming overexposed or may in some way cheapen the currency of a presidential appearance.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs this week dismissed the concern, calling it out of touch with the modern media environment that, he said, has changed the rules of politics.

“I think gone are the days where one outlet is where everyone gets their news or one medium is where everybody gets their news,” Mr. Gibbs said. “And I think this is just an attempt by the president to speak to as many different people as he can on an issue that’s as important as something like health care reform.”

Mr. Yaverbaum said he agrees with the White House on this point, but he does see one flaw in the president’s media blitz. The one network Mr. Obama will not visit on Sunday, or apparently any other day, is Fox News.

“The only mistake at all here is that he’s doing five shows Sunday and not six,” Mr. Yaverbaum said. “The more communicating, the better.”