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Aside from the organization deploying a 24-hour guard on Arenas, there was no measure that would have curtailed him. In the end, Arenas was motivated to do what he wanted to do.

His stubbornness is well-documented. It is one of his greatest attributes. Tell him he cannot achieve something and he will show you. But in this instance, with a compromised left knee, it was his stubbornness that undermined his recovery.

All the talk of liability may be so much idle chatter on the part of Arenas. Part of his appeal is his proclivity to say anything on a variety of topics, much of it for amusement purposes.

If Arenas is truly recovered - and we have the word of trainer Tim Grover on it - this momentary exercise in revisionist history will be forgotten, overtaken by a potentially uplifting season.

Arenas has vowed not to come back as a pass-first point guard, which should please most of the team’s supporters.

Arenas did not receive a $111 million contract last summer because of his ball-distributing abilities. He received that bundle because of his capacity to create shots in the closing minutes of a tight game and score in bunches, if necessary.

That is his mindset, and it should not be exorcised out of him, only tweaked for the betterment of the team.

As it is, it is encouraging to hear the uncensored one opining anew, this time as the accidental history buff.

It seems like old times.