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That comes with the caveat of the Wizards staying in good health and Arenas reprising his old self.

“I’ve never had the weapons that I have with this team,” Saunders said.

That observation comes from a coach who has been to four conference finals and guided stalwarts such as Kevin Garnett and Chauncey Billups.

Saunders does not see much duplication in the players, in one player who is essentially a copy of another player. This gives him more buttons to push.

He has been pushing the buttons of the players all summer, starting with Nick Young and Andray Blatche.

He wants Young to learn to move without the ball in the manner of Richard Hamilton and Reggie Miller, to run off screens and be ready to catch and shoot. He wants Blatche to learn what it means to be a professional, the responsibility of it all.

He has been buoyed by both.

You are urged to be circumspect with Blatche, who has made a habit of enthralling the coaching staff each summer, only to lose his way in the regular season.

“If this team is healthy, it’s a dangerous team,” Saunders said.

It is a team that also can be a danger to itself on defense.

That concern remains unchanged.

“Well, my teams always have been in the top defensively,” Saunders said.

It helped to have a Garnett or a Ben Wallace in the fold.

No such player exists with the Wizards.

That might be construed as dampening the good feelings of the Wizards.

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