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A: That’s a tough call either way. Zorn had to figure Jason Hanson was golden from 51 yards, so he accepted the penalty, which made it third-and-13 from the 42. That’s not in Hanson’s range. Zorn had to expect a third-down stop, but instead Stafford scrambled for 21 yards and Detroit eventually scored a touchdown.

Q: A questionable officiating call was Chris Horton’s 47-yard pass interference penalty that set up Detroit’s final score. Bad call or good call?

A: It was the obvious call even if the flag needs to stay in the official’s pocket at that point. It’s going to be called nine times out of 10 because Horton gave the impression he was beat on the play and then recovered to crash into the receiver.

The worst no-call was when Santana Moss’ face mask was yanked and the referees picked up the flag. Calvin Johnson’s pass interference on LaRon Landry was legitimate because Johnson clearly extended an arm to create separation.

Q: Moss finally made an appearance with 10 catches for 178 yards and a touchdown. How big is that for the offense?

A: Gigantic. Moss was limited to five catches in the first two games, but it looked as if Zorn did some things to create one-on-one coverage for the Redskins’ top receiver. His 57-yard touchdown catch and run was made possible by deep routes from Chris Cooley and Malcolm Kelly to open up the boundary.

When Moss is on, this offense takes on an entirely new dimension. It’s unpredictable. It has the potential for big plays.

Q: How hot is Zorn’s seat after a two-game stretch of a win without a touchdown and a loss to the Lions?

A: Oh, it’s on fire, but it is for a lot of coaches in the NFL. It would be stunning for owner Dan Snyder to pound the panic button at any point other than two days after the regular-season finale. There isn’t an obvious interim coach on the staff, and there isn’t an obvious choice to take over the playcalling.

Zorn looked perplexed after the game, but it probably had more to do with the defense. This is a unit that was supposed to carry the team and win games. It hasn’t come even close to doing that yet.