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What happened: A penalty got in the Redskins’ way early, with a holding call bringing back a long Campbell run, but the Lions answered with an encroachment call. On first-and-long, Campbell threw deep into double coverage to Malcolm Kelly but missed; Washington followed that play with a delay-of-game penalty. Fortunately for Washington, the Lions went three-and-out on the ensuing drive; Hunter Smith had the ball for Washington four plays after that. Chris Horton’s pass interference call on Bryant Johnson on a deep pass put the Lions in position to score, which they did on a toss sweep two plays later. Washington answered with the no-huddle shotgun offense and scored quickly on a pass to Rock Cartwright, of all people. But the Redskins couldn’t get it going again when they got ball back with 1:05 left, and despite an entertaining hook-and-ladder play, Detroit held on for the win.

Analysis: Well, that’s one way to steal some national headlines, but it’s probably not the way the Redskins wanted to do it. Again the offense looked best when it was in hurry-up mode, but the Lions’ prevent defense had a lot to do with that. Expect the NFL to get a report from the Redskins on the disputed face-mask call after a Moss reception; he was clearly brought down by the face mask, but the official farther away from the play overruled another official. But that’s the least of Washington’s worries at this point.


5 300-yard passing games in Campbell’s career. He picked up 140 of his 340 yards Sunday in the fourth quarter.