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In London, the British Foreign Office confirmed in a statement that the attacker was the same one involved in the 2006 British Embassy incident.

Around the time of the first attack, police said Mr. Injaz was an informer and a criminal with a record of property and drug offenses who had run into financial and legal troubles.

He told an Israeli TV station in 2006 that he feared he would be killed by Palestinian militants if he returned to the West Bank.

Lawyer Shafik Abuani told Israel Radio that he talked to the man three times by telephone, trying to calm him down. The lawyer said Mr. Injaz threatened to burn the embassy down if he was not granted asylum.

It was unclear what his relation to the hostage-taker was.

Mr. Abuani said Mr. Injaz demanded to be flown to Turkey and said he was being persecuted by the Israeli Shin-Bet security force.

The lawyer said only the Turkish consul and his wife were in the building at the time, and they escaped. “I am in touch with the consul all the time by cell phone, and nothing happened to them. They’re OK,” he said.

Ami Lavie reported from Jerusalem. Associated Press writer Ceren Kumova in Ankara, Turkey, contributed to this report.