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According to the teams’ financial statements, the Marlins’ net income for 2009 and 2008 was about $33 million, including a $29.4 million profit in 2008 when the club’s payroll was trimmed to $29.7 million. The Marlins have since agreed to increase payroll before moving into a new ballpark in 2012, following a players’ union protest that the club wasn’t fully using its revenue sharing funds.

The Los Angeles Angels’ net income was $10,732,000 in 2009 and $7,088,000 in 2008. The Texas Rangers, who were recently sold, lost $11,982,000 last season and dropped $10,435,000 in 2008.

The Tampa Bay Rays’ net income was $4,016,163 in 2008 and $11,066,191 in 2007. The Seattle Mariners lost $4,533,000 in 2008 but made $17,864,000 in 2007, despite a $113,242,000 payroll.


AP Sports Writer Colin Fly in Milwaukee contributed to this report.