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But former Alaska GOP Chairman Wayne Anthony Ross said of the prospect that Mrs. Murkowski would link up with the Libertarian Party: “I doubt it. In my humble opinion, it would be the kiss of death for her.”

Although the GOP establishment clearly backed Mrs. Murkowski, National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) spokesman Brian Walsh said the national party would support Mr. Miller if he is declared the primary winner, regardless of whether Mrs. Murkowski runs as a Libertarian or as a write-in candidate.

A write-in candidacy is a last option for Mrs. Murkowski, though professionals in the Democratic and Republican parties say that would be unlikely, even in an election cycle so full of surprises.

Some on the right are concerned that the Alaska GOP or the NRSC would somehow intervene in the absentee ballot count to help Mrs. Murkowski, said Katherine Hicks, an Alaska tea party activist.

Mr. Walsh said the NRSC had sent only one lawyer to spend three days advising Mrs. Murkowski on the absentee ballot count.

Mr. Seekins and Alaska Eagle Forum President Debbie Joslin, who is also an RNC member, told The Times that the fears of Mr. Miller’s supporters were unfounded. State GOP Chairman Randy Ruedrich, who has long been at odds with Mrs. Palin and is suspected of supporting Mrs. Murkowski behind the scenes, did not return e-mail or phone queries.

“The Alaska Division of Elections does an excellent job with absentee and early balloting,” Mrs. Joslin said. “I have always been very proud of the clean system we have in Alaska. I believe Lisa will honor her pre-primary pledge to support the Republican nominee.”