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Director Tom McCabe says the Mahoning County board on Monday approved more than 30 disputed signatures to allow former Rep. Jim Traficant to make the November ballot in northeast Ohio’s 17th district.

Mr. Traficant represented the Youngstown area as a Democrat for nearly two decades before his 2002 conviction for corruption. He’s running as an independent.

Hundreds of signatures from four counties were disqualified in July. The secretary of state ordered a review by the board in Youngstown last week.

Elections officials in neighboring Trumbull County are expected to certify the total Wednesday.

Campaign coordinator Linda Kovachik says Traficant supporters overcame many hurdles and that she’s elated.


Palin to raise money for Iowa GOP

DES MOINES | Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will headline the Iowa Republican Party’s biggest annual fundraiser, party officials announced Tuesday.

The appearance will give Mrs. Palin, often talked about as a possible 2012 presidential contender, a prominent political role in the state that launches the presidential nominating process.

The Sept. 17 speech at the annual Reagan Dinner in Des Moines will be the 2008 vice-presidential candidate’s first visit to Iowa since a brief stop in December during a book-signing tour.

“I know Iowa Republicans will be energized and motivated by Governor Palin to stand up and fight for these principles all the way to Election Day and beyond,” said Matt Strawn, chairman of the Iowa Republican Party.

Ed Failor Jr., head of Iowans for Tax Relief, said Mrs. Palin was doing the task most important to the party: raising money. Tickets for the dinner cost $100 each.

“She will make a lot of money,” Mr. Failor said. “That’s the biggest thing she can do is raise a lot of money.”


Officials discussed further stimulus steps

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