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Some Democratic strategists say the party must make efforts to explain the health-care bill to Americans.

“To win back independents, the case that must be made for health care is that it will save business money, save individuals money and reduce the deficit,” said party strategist Mary Anne Marsh. “Independents also care about the deficit in polls and showing that health-care reform will reduce the deficit by $1.3 trillion over 20 years. If that case is made successfully as the economy begins to improve, then Democrats can minimize their losses.”

Another Democratic strategist, Liz Chadderon, said, “It’s day four of the new year, and we’re already behind.”

“Midterm elections are always a referendum on the party in the White House, so yes, if Obama has low approval ratings next November, it will hurt Democrats. And health care is hard to explain and easy to demonize, so if Democrats can’t show voters how it helps them in the long run, then it will become a problem,” she said.