- The Washington Times - Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I cain’t believe all the fuss that’s been kicked up over what I said about th’ president not bein’ like a reg’lar Negro.


Lawks a mercy, I was complimentin’ the man.


Billy Bob said a few years back he’d be the one fetchin’ the coffee; I don’t see people getting’ so danged riled up about that.


That’s way worse’n what I said.


I said he had no Negro dialect. NO dialect. None.


He ain’t like them other Negroes.


People can understand what he’s sayin’.

Sure can.

Unless he wanted to talk like a Negro, of course.


He can turn it on with them. They’d expect it.


What I’m sayin’ is he can talk to white folk too, that’s all.

It was all in the context of you saying positive things about the man.

Dang right. And jumpin’ on me for sayin’ he’s light-skinned. Well he is! It is a fact! Judas Priest, he’s half-white.

Sure ‘nuff.

I’m saying he’s not like the rest of ‘em; that’s my point. He appeals to white folk. He can get votes. Nothin’ negative about it.

You said great things about the man, and anyway, you already apologized for ‘em.

Now here I’m gettin’ dumped on by them dang reporters when the president already said he forgave me.

He said the book is closed, his own words.

Yep. He stood by me. Proves my point.

Mighty white of him.

Yep, he’s one a th’ good uns.



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