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In Mr. Tarkanian’s eyes, this is proof Mrs. Lowden is a “go along to get along” candidate, as his campaign aides have described her. He said on Tuesday he hopes to make these remarks a central issue in his primary campaign.

He also took a tough stance on terrorism. When asked by The Washington Times if he supported enhanced interrogation techniques, such as waterboarding, Mr. Tarkanian firmly said, “I would be in favor of that.”

In the case of an imminent threat, “we should do what we can to get that information,” he said.


The man President Obama appointed to lead the Transportation Security Administration withdrew his name on Wednesday, a day after a 2008 video surfaced of him comparing the war on terror to global warming.

Errol Southers’ nomination was stalled by Sen. Jim DeMint, South Carolina Republican, who put a hold on it citing concerns Mr. Southers would give TSA collective bargaining rights. While the nomination was being held, it was also discovered that Mr. Southers gave misleading statements to Congress about a federal security database he twice accessed for personal reasons.

Another blow, however, was delivered to Mr. Southers when the conservative-leaning posted a 2008 video interview that he had granted to, an information-sharing video Web site.

Mr. Southers was asked in the interview, “How high should the war on terror be on our list of national priorities?”

He replied, “It should be high on our list of priorities because of, speaking globally, the threat that exists.” But Mr. Southers added later, “I do think, however, it deserves to perhaps have some parity with global warming, with education, with the economy.”

That statement, and others in the video, surely would have become part of the debate over his nomination, but Mr. Southers withdrew it on Wednesday morning.

In a statement, he said his path to the job had been “obstructed by political ideology” and “the partisan climate is unacceptable.”

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