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Been through st, yeah it’s a f-a’,

But now I make tunes, say shuck-a-lucka-lucka.

I fight the ones that fight me.

I really love a lot, I really love a lot.

I really love a lot, I really love a lot.

Clever artist that she is, Maya drops the letter “t” at the end of the words “a lot,” as Britons often do, so that the chorus sounds just like “I really love Allah.”

Such a great follow-up to her ironic (and nauseatingly violent) “Born Free,” whose music video features a paramilitary unit wearing American flag badges chasing a busload of redheaded boys and young men across a desert and ultimately killing them.

You can watch that video on YouTube.com, and you should, because your teenager probably already has.

Rocketing to success in only six years, Maya’s fame and fortune have produced predictable results. She’s engaged to an American millionaire, Seagram’s heir Ben Bronfman, and along with their 1-year-old son, the couple live in the wealthy enclave of Brentwood, Calif., far from the threat of those suicide bombers she so admires.

In our free country, Maya may pollute the culture with deranged drivel such as this.

But savvy parents ought to apply skills of media literacy and talk to their kids about the messages this “artist” freely conveys to the young people who are simply singing along.

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