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The pollsters called 807 registered voters who are likely to vote in November. The poll was conducted from July 13 through July 21.

Mr. O'Malley defeated Mr. Ehrlich in the 2006 governor’s race with 53 percent of the vote to 46 percent.

The poll released Tuesday noted that the economy continues to be the number one issue for Maryland voters, with 52 percent saying it’s the most important issue facing the state.

Statewide, 48 percent said they approve of the job Mr. O'Malley is doing as governor, with 39 percent saying they disapprove. Among unaffiliated voters, 45 percent approved of the job Mr. O'Malley is doing while 40 percent disapproved.

Mr. Ehrlich had a 46 percent approval rating statewide, with 23 percent having an unfavorable opinion. Registered independents had a 45 percent approval rating of Mr. Ehrlich, and 16 percent had an unfavorable opinion.