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Southern Movement seeks protests in Aden

ADEN | Yemen’s separatist Southern Movement called for “a day of rage” on Wednesday in the tightly patrolled city of Aden to mark the 16th anniversary of the invasion of the south by northern forces.

The Supreme Council for the Peaceful Movement to Liberate the South issued a statement on Monday calling on all southerners to “make Wednesday a day of rage” to express “our people’s determination to continue their peaceful struggle until liberation and independence.”

The group also appealed to southerners to participate in the funeral of a fellow townsman, Ahmed Mohammed Darwish, who died Friday in a prison in Aden, the capital of formerly independent South Yemen.

Mr. Darwish was “killed by San’a’s occupying regime inside a prison cell,” the statement said.

He had died a day after he was detained along with dozens of others, after a suspected al Qaeda attack in the city’s intelligence headquarters on June 19.

Eleven people, including seven military personnel, were killed in the attack, officials had said.

From wire dispatches and staff reports