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Former President George W. Bush had proposed installing a radar system in the Czech Republic and stationing defensive missiles in Poland to protect Europe from a possible missile attack from Iran.


The British government continues trying to shame the U.S. Embassy into paying a daily fee for its staff to drive in central London, where the streets are so crowded that the city is frequently gridlocked during rush hours.

On Monday, Foreign Secretary William Hague revealed that the U.S. Embassy tops the list of foreign diplomatic missions that owe the city $54 million in the disputed fee. The United States, alone, owes the city $5.75 million in overdue charges dating to 2003, when the fee was first imposed on London drivers.

U.S. Ambassador Louis Susman, backed strongly by the White House, insists that the $12-a-day charge is a tax from which foreign diplomats are exempt under international treaties.

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